Manshaw Power capsule

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Manshaw Power capsule

What is Manshaw Power Capsule

The rejuvenation powers of some medicinal herbs were popular among the Maharishis of ancient India. Modern lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, job related stress, work pressure, lack of exercise, junk food etc. leads to an unhappy family life. This will result in depressive disorders , lack of intimacy, lack of concentration on day to day activities and a stressed life.

Mansahw (MS) is a combination of selected Ayurvedic herbs like Naikurana , Aswagandha, Vayal Chulli, Shathavari , Kattukachil, Kanmadam, Palmuthakku, Njerinjil etc. This unique medicine helps in repairing the functioning of tissues and organs. Regular use of Manshaw(MS) enhances blood circulation to all organs and supports the mental and physical well being of a person. It is proven for its rejuvenating ability of all the seven Dhathu's. It works in revitalising the body, boosting the immune system and maintaining an energetic and healthy life. The ingredients collected from the forests in Kerala are formulated based on traditional methods as in official books of standards in Ayurveda. Manshaw (MS) is 100% Ayurvedic and is manufactured in a GMP certified manufacturing firm, following strict quality standards.


What's inside Manshaw Power capsules?

Each Capsule is Prepared out of

  • 1 Shatavari 625mg
  • 2 Aswagandha 625mg
  • 3 Naikurana 625mg
  • 4 Vayalchulli 625mg
  • 5 Njerinjil 625mg
  • 6 Kanmadam 625 mg
  • 7 Palmuthakku 625 mg
  • 8 Kattukachil 625 mg



Cool,dry & dark place,away from direct light.

Shelf life

3 years from the date of manufacturing.


In bottles containing 30 capsules.


Used to improve General Debility, Vigour and Vitality in Men and Women. For detoxification and to boost up immunity. Relieves Stress,anxiety, corrects hormonal imbalance.


1-2 capsules twice daily after food with 100 ml warm milk or water. Safe for diabetic patients also. Higher doses may lead to gastro intestinal complications and loss of appetite. It can be safely consumed by both male and female partners.

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